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Paul D. Miller and Nadine Maenza: Learning from Afghanistan

September 23, 2021

This week on the Faith Angle podcast, we are joined by Paul D. Miller of Georgetown University and Nadine Maenza of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. On August 30, the United States' armed forces completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan, marking the end of a twenty-year war. We can all recall the sickening images and stories that came out of Afghanistan during this period as well as the sobering reality awaiting those left behind. In this episode, our guests consider why events unfolded the way they did in America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, and what that means for America’s presence and policy around the world.



Paul D. Miller

Nadine Maenza



Paul D. Miller in Foreign Policy 

Nadine Maenza in Providence Magazine 


Additional Reading

Just War and Ordered Liberty by Paul D. Miller 

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