Faith Angle

Mike McCurry and Karen Tumulty: Of God and Presidents

August 8, 2019

Former Clinton White House Press Secretary—and now Wesley Seminary professor—Mike McCurry sits down with Washington Post Columnist Karen Tumulty, and Faith Angle's Josh Good, to discuss the faith journeys of the Clintons and Reagans; transformations in journalism; and new opportunities for congregations to directly engage the deep divide in America's political culture.

Links from this episode:

A private letter from Ronald Reagan to his dying father-in-law shows the president’s faith, Karen Tumulty, Washington Post, 09/14/18

Former Clinton spokesman Mike McCurry finds his faith, marries it with politics, Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post, 02/22/14

How My Party Found God, Mike McCurry, The Daily Beast, 07/14/17

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