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Mike Cosper and Jon Ward: On ”The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill”

August 25, 2022

If you’re an evangelical insider, the name Mike Cosper and his “Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast series, published by Christianity Today in 2021, is almost certainly familiar for its artful retelling of the story of a Seattle megachurch pastored by Mark Driscoll. In this episode, Cosper, who is the director of podcasting for Christianity Today, is joined by Jon Ward of Yahoo News. Together, they examine what it is about the structure of megachurches that leaves them prone to the quick rise and fall of a charismatic leader. How does that compare to American politics—especially when our parties have weakened? And how does Mike’s 15-year experience as a pastor temper what he and his colleagues chose to see, and hold up, in this magnificent podcast that took American listeners by storm last year?



Mike Cosper 

Jon Ward


Additional Resources 

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Testimony: Inside an Evangelical Movement that Failed a Generation, by Jon Ward

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