Faith Angle

Highlights from Faith Angle Europe 2021

January 7, 2022

For this first podcast of the New Year, we are recapping highlights from Faith Angle Europe, a two-day conference of 16 international journalists and 5 speakers in France, with a window into some especially compelling insights that emerged on national populism, anti-Semitism in Europe and particularly France, impact investing and the growth of religion in sub-Saharan Africa, and finally, a big-think conversation about the commonalities faced by creative minorities in a pluralistic world. 


All three full Faith Angle Europe sessions as well as a short recap video from the forum are linked below.


Additional Resources

Faith Angle Europe Recap 

Session One: French Identity and Anti-Semitism

Session Two: Rising National Populism - And Religion 

Session Three: Impact Investing and Sub-Saharan Africa

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