Faith Angle

David Brooks and Anne Snyder: The Power of Vulnerability

July 9, 2019

On the latest episode of Faith Angle, we're joined by New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks and Comment Magazine editor-in-chief Anne Snyder to discuss the new books they've each published, their respective approaches to writing, their own marriage and faith journey, and how to cultivate communities rooted in trust that lead to individual and social transformation.

Links from today's episode:

The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life, David Brooks, 4/16/19

The Fabric of Character: A Wise Giver's Guide to Supporting Social and Moral Renewal, Anne Snyder, 3/22/19

Evening Conversation with David Brooks at The Trinity Forum, 5/29/19

David Brooks' Journey Toward Faith, Peter Wehner, The Atlantic, 5/7/19

A Time to Build: From Family and Community to Congress and the Campus, How Recommitting to Our Institutions Can Revive the American Dream, Yuval Levin, forthcoming in February 2020

David Brooks on Weave: The Social Fabric Project, The Aspen Institute, 9/19/18

Why I Write, George Orwell, 1946

The Death of Politics: How to Heal Our Frayed Republic After Trump, Peter Wehner, 6/4/19

The Magnanimous Man: In Remembrance of Michael Cromartie, Anne Snyder, Public Discourse, 9/7/17

Michael Cromartie introduction of David Brooks, The Gathering, 10/2/14

Anne’s email to David, p. 239 of The Second Mountain: "I want to reiterate that yes, grace is the central thing Christ offers, but that is the doorway. And it is to know him. I see lots of emphasis on striving in your note, and I appreciate its antidote to cheap grace. But the foundational fact is you cannot earn your way into a state of grace - this denies grace's power, and subverts its very definition. Grace must reach out to the broken and the undeserving. It must reach out to those recognizing plainly, vulnerably, their own need and emptiness. It can only find welcome in those sitting still.




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