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Christine Emba and Kimberly June Miller: On ”Rethinking Sex”

April 28, 2022

On this episode, we are joined by Christine Emba, opinion columnist for The Washington Post, and Kimberly June Miller, a licensed marriage and family therapist. Christine has just written a fascinating new book called, Rethinking Sex: A Provocation, which opens with this moral quote: “It is only by asserting one’s humanness every time, in all situations, that one becomes someone rather than something. That, after all, is the core of our struggle.”

In this provocative book, Christine raises profound questions about meaning and connection, sexuality and even spirituality, as she traces shifting generational views of sex and sexual practices in America.



Christine Emba 

Kimberly June Miller 


Additional Reading 

Rethinking Sex: A Provocation, by Christine Emba 

Boundaries for Your Soul, by Kimberly June Miller and Alison Cook

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